Jerry Kay Smith 15.11.20

So it has been nearly 5 weeks since me and my sister arrived at Antalya for my surgery and thought it was about time I posted my review. I wanted to wait so people can get a true reflection of the weeks that follow leaving the Hospital.
On arrival at the airport we were greeted by a lovely lady that shown us to a lovely spacious vehicle the driver put our cases in and We were on our way, the hospital was only a short drive from the airport around 30 minutes, when we arrived at the hospital the driving lifted our cases in and got me checked in at reception, Was fairly quick we was then shown to the ward I’d be staying out, then met by a lovely young nurse who showed us to my room, the rooms are beautiful you have your own room with en-suite bathroom and then your companion has their own room with en-suite bathroom ajoining very clean and modern, the lovely nurse then done an ecg checked all my obs done a blood test and then got me some water so I could have a drink before midnight as then I’d be nil by mouth,

I had a lovely sleep the next morning at 8am I was greeted by the beautiful gizem she made me feel so welcome and throughout our stay would call in for a chat or help in any way she could, she Literally came to see me everyday, she talked me threw what was happening that morning and then came jolanda the translator another lovely woman who made me feel at ease, Around 8.30am I met my amazing handsome doctor mr Namik yilmaz the most kind, happy, bubbly, loveliest man he Made me feel so comfortable, I was very nervous but I felt at ease with him, I was then taken down to his office where we talked threw all the options he answered all my questions throughly, at this point my mind was made up and I was having the sleeve any doubts I did have had gone, Jolanda then took me to have further tests, the tests are so thorough nothing like I’d ever had in England they found out a few things on the tests but I knew I was making the right desicion i seen several doctors all who was lovely, I then signed all my paperwork, and went back to my room, gizem then came back and got me ready to go for an endoscopy I also payed for my surgery at this point. At 12.30 I went to theatre I fell asleep straight away and woke up an hour later my surgery had been done, I woke up in abit of a panic as I couldn’t see any of the friendly faces I had met and was in a lot of pain, as soon as the theatre staff knew I was panicking they got the doctor for me, who reassured me I was okay and the gas pains was normal, he then took me back to my room and held my hand all the way to be honest the next few hours went by in a bit of a blur the gas pains I had was terrible the nurses was constantly checking on me and giving me medication but I just needed to get up and walk, around 1am the doctor came to check on me helped me out of bed and took me for a walk as soon as I started walking I felt a lot better, he also gave me the balls to blow on which helped in a big way, that night I finally went to sleep the nurse came throughout the night checking my obs giving me pain relief and changing my I’ve fluids, the next morning I woke at 8am feeling a little sore but not as bad as the day before I had a little swelling from the surgery and gas pains but no pains from my scars, around 2pm the nurse came and done my leak test that came back perfect so she then walked me downstairs to the cafe to meet the doctor I had a lovely cup of herbal tea and a chat to the doctor and nurse I then went back to my room and had a lay down as the walking and fresh air had really taken it out of me, I basically slept the rest of the day away and when I wasn’t sleeping I was walking or blowing the balls, the nurses constantly checked on me throughout the day and night, the next day I was allowed my first protein it wasn’t nice but i knew I needed to drink it, the doctor came to check my incisions change my plasters and I then went for a walk to the cafe and had some apple juice this was so freshening, the rest of the day went by fine I kept walking and resting I had very bad back pain from laying in the same position but the nurses was there to give me morphine and paracetamol whenever I needed it , over the 5 days of being there I met the most amazing group of girls who I will be forever grateful for the nurses honestly go above and beyond to help you in anyway they can and I’ll never be able to thank them enough for everything they done for me, they all have a special place in my heart. Day 5 was discharge day I couldn’t wait to get out the hospital and have a change of scenery that morning the doctor came he talked me threw all my medication and to take my drain out it was a little painful but not as bad as I thought he also said I could now take a shower which I was so excited for so I had a shower and the beautiful nurse fatima who was my favourite came and changed my dressings and I got dressed I felt a million dollars, I had a chat to all the nurses we took some pictures and then it was time to leave, the driver put all our bags in the car we met with the doctor for a cup of tea and then it was onto the clinic to meet the dietician she talked me threw the eating plan and my medication answered all my questions and then we went to a lovely restraunt and I had some chicken soup, I only managed 4 spoons of it before being full, we was then took to our hotel the driver carried all our bags in and gizem and jolanda fetched them to the room for us and then we went exploring we had a walk around done some shopping went to the beach and then that night went to a restraunt for more soup, I had a pleasant sleep in the hotel bed, the next morning was home time we woke up packed our bags the driver picked us up we then went to the clinic I had my final check with the doctor he changed my dressings we had a drink together a chat took some pictures and we left for the airport, the flight home was a breeze, I can honestly say that going to clinic Antalya was the best desicion I’ve ever made I will be forever grateful to all that helped me on my journey and I’ll never be able to thank them enough for everything they done for me, Dr yilmaz every member of your team is an absolute credit to you.
the first 18 days is liquid only it’s hard but I just made homemade soups everyday and made sure I got my protein and water in it’s hard as you can only take sips but it gets easier everyday the next 18 days is purée that is a breeze because you can purée almost anything, it’s been nearly 5 week since my surgery, I’ve never felt as happy or healthy in my life, I went from being a size 18 to a size 12, I’m also 2st 6lb down
Clinic Antalya Thank You For Changing My Life


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