Obesity Surgery in Antalya, Turkey | Reviews, Testimonials

Obesity Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, Get Slim Abroad, Weight Loss Surgery in Antalya, Turkey | Reviews, Testimonials

Jerry Kay Smith 15.11.20

So it has been nearly 5 weeks since me and my sister arrived at Antalya for my surgery and thought it was about time I posted my review. I wanted to wait so people can get a true reflection of the weeks that follow leaving the Hospital.
On arrival at the airport we were greeted by a lovely lady that shown us to a lovely spacious vehicle the driver put our cases in and We were on our way, the hospital was only a short drive from the airport around 30 minutes, when we arrived at the hospital the driving lifted our cases in and got me checked in at reception, Was fairly quick we was then shown to the ward I’d be staying out, then met by a lovely young nurse who showed us to my room, the rooms are beautiful you have your own room with en-suite bathroom and then your companion has their own room with en-suite bathroom ajoining very clean and modern, the lovely nurse then done an ecg checked all my obs done a blood test and then got me some water so I could have a drink before midnight as then I’d be nil by mouth,

rd-elzm-01-10-2020- UK

Hello there
Hope you are all well
It is not as easy as I thought but over all happy that I am loosing those extra kilos ...
I Am 113 kg and still loosing
Regarding the blood test I’ll speak to my doctor and see when is possible for me to go for a test and I’ll send it as soon as I get it
Pass my regards to all


Dr Namik Is FANTASTIC! I thank him very much for my operation and looking after me so well! Dr Namik really looks after his patients. After 3 weeks I have lost 10KG and feeling great! I have also started work again. This was the best decision I have ever made. Thank you so much :)

KAY..BN 09.10.2020-UK

I travelled to Antalya from England on my own on the 10th of august 2020. I had tests on the 11th and then the surgery on 13th. I have never felt more at ease and reassured during my stay. Dr namik is amazing and a wonderful doctor as well as his lovely assistant gizem. They did everything to make sure I new and understood everything and that I wasn’t nervous. The team of nurses who looked after me in the hospital are lovely. The hospital is outstanding and the care I received if 5 star! I weighed 15 stone and today writing this 09.10.2020 I weigh 12.2 so nearly 3 stone loss. Thank you so much to everyone at clinic Antalya! I’ve even got some friends who have booked in :)

AR..IN 05-01-2017

My valuable doctor Namık, I extend my thanks to you first and then to the hospital staff. Friendly and helpful attitudes of Esra, Begüm, Gülsüm, Emine, Mehmet and other team members whose names I cannot remember pulled at our heartstrings. I wish to see you on happier days.

E..LAK DUMAN 09-04-2017

Namık Yılmaz is the biggest gift of God to the humanity. I wish you continued success.


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