Obesity Surgery in Antalya, Turkey | Reviews, Testimonials

Obesity Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, Get Slim Abroad, Weight Loss Surgery in Antalya, Turkey | Reviews, Testimonials

AR..IN 05-01-2017

My valuable doctor Namık, I extend my thanks to you first and then to the hospital staff. Friendly and helpful attitudes of Esra, Begüm, Gülsüm, Emine, Mehmet and other team members whose names I cannot remember pulled at our heartstrings. I wish to see you on happier days.

E..LAK DUMAN 09-04-2017

Namık Yılmaz is the biggest gift of God to the humanity. I wish you continued success.

CAN..ELLİ 15-07-2017

When I arrived at the hospital, I was worried. Both my doctors and the hospital staff made my worries disappear with their friendly approach. I thank my doctor Namık, as well as the hospital staff for their friendly approach and understanding.

EM..ÜN 17-07-2016

Hi everyone, I am Eylem. Endless thanks to my dearest nurse, my doctor Namık Yılmaz for making me feel home since the day I came to Akdeniz Şifa Hospital to get sleeve gastrectomy. Thanks to you, maybe I am starting a new life now. I thank you so much for the care you have given me. Goodbye! Stay with love!

AN..IN 18-09-2016

He is such a wonderful person and a reassuring and friendly doctor. I hope we will always have such doctors. I wish him lots of success.

RAM…ZEL 01-11-2016

As a result of the examination and tests, I checked in to the hospital for my operation on 29.05.2017. I was released from the hospital on 12-06-2016. During my whole treatment, I was so happy with the efforts and friendly approach of my doctor Namık first and then the hospital staff. I thank you one by one. I wish you success in your work. I am 76 years old, and have never seen such service until now. All the best! May God bless you all!


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