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The gastric balloon procedure has been applied for about 35 years. In the first process, scientists observed weight loss because of various balloons they put in the stomach. As a result of the intensive scientific work on gastric balloon treatments, today's modern gastric balloons have emerged. Nowadays the gastric balloon treatment is a preferred and reliable method all over the world.

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What is the Gastric Balloon procedure?
A gastric balloon is a non-surgical weight loss procedure that involves placing a balloon in the stomach and limit the stomach's capacity to hold food. After balloon placement you feel fuller faster and your stomach volume is reduced.

What does the Gastric Balloon procedure involve?
How is the gastric balloon inserted?
The gastric balloon procedure is performed endoscopically. Under mild anesthesia the gastric balloon is applied to our patient through the mouth with an endoscopy device. The patient is monitored with a camera. The balloon is inflated by injecting methylene (blue) liquid. Since stomach volumes can vary from person to person, the size of the gastric balloon is also variable.

Who can have a gastric balloon?

  • People with a BMI 27 and above.
  • People who have tried many weight loss methods and did not achieve results.
  • People who want to lose weight faster.

What are the advantages of the Gastric Balloon?
The gastric balloon procedure is a simple, quick, non-surgical procedure. It is done under moderate sedation and is completed in just about 20 minutes. It does not leave any marks on your body. Compared to people who only diet and exercise, those who use a gastric balloon generally experience three times more weight loss.

Will the Gastric Balloon stay in my stomach permanently?
No, the gastric balloon is a temporary procedure. The balloon is usually removed after a period of 6 to 12 months. This process is specified according to the targeted weight loss goal by the patient and the doctor. When the patient loses the targeted excess weight, the gastric balloon is removed from the stomach endoscopically.

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What is the disadvantage of the gastric balloon?
It is not a permanent solution. It is a temporary procedure that should be accompanied with healthy food habits and exercise, not just when the balloon is in the stomach, but also after removal. After insertion of the gastric balloon, the process should be followed correctly. Dietary guidelines need to be followed and physical exercise is necessary.

Since a foreign object is placed in the stomach, an adaptation period is needed. Sometimes the balloon can cause nausea and discomfort. In order to prevent this discomfort, the gastric balloon preparation process is supported with medication to relax the stomach about 1 week prior to placement

Does the gastric balloon deflate? What if the balloon deflates?
Gastric balloons are made of highly flexible and durable materials. Although we have not observed this in any of our patients, there is a small possibility of balloon deflation.
Gastric balloons are filled with methylene (blue) liquid and inflated during insertion. If the balloon deflates a green urine colour can be seen. When you observe this, the gastric balloon may have become deflated or may have leaked. This generally doesn't cause any problems, but we recommend you to contact your doctor.

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