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Swallowable Gastric Balloon (Allurion Elipse Balloon)

The gastric balloon procedure for weight loss and obesity treatments has come a long way. The Elipse swallowable gastric balloon was produced to solve the possible disadvantages of the traditional gastric balloon. The Elipse balloon is the first gastric balloon that is swallowed and naturally leaves the body four months later.

The swallowable gastric balloon has the same function as other gastric balloons. The swallowable gastric balloon reduces the stomach volume. It creates a feeling of fullness by taking up space in your stomach. As a result the person has a feeling of fullness after consuming less food. It reduces the amount of calories taken during the day and causes weight loss.

For gastric balloons that are applied endoscopically, anaesthesia is necessary. Removal of the balloon requires endoscopy as well. The procedure of the swallowable gastric balloon however is much easier and more practical.

There is no need to remove the swallowable balloon!

The biggest advantage of the Elipse swallowable gastric balloon, compared to endoscopically applied gastric balloons, is that it does not require extraction. After approximately 16 weeks inside your stomach, a time-activated release valve on the balloon will open, the balloon will empty itself and pass naturally when you use the toilet.

How is the swallowable balloon procedure performed?

During a 20-minute outpatient procedure, you will swallow a capsule that contains the deflated balloon and is attached to a thin wire (catheter). The swallowed capsule is checked with an X-ray device for the correct positioning of the gastric balloon. Once the capsule has entered your stomach, the doctor will fill the balloon with 550 ml of colored water. Once the balloon is filled, your doctor will gently remove the catheter and the Elipse balloon placement has finished.


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You will be able to follow your daily life and changes in your body with the 'smart' scale and mobile app that will be given to you.

You will be able to see analysis such as fat, muscle and water thanks to smart devices in this slimming program, which is carried out with dietitian follow-up.

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